Political Parties Celebrate Fridays For The May Elections

Fridays are days where people get to be happy for the weekend. Now Fridays are becoming days where parties get to push their agendas.

Party supporters start their Fridays with and EFF supporters also start their Friday with. These hastags are a way for the supporters to encourage the youth to support the ANC or the EFF in the upcoming elections in May.

ANC supporters start their days with #ANCFriday.

@filwe_a says, “It’s and #ANCFriday #GrowSouthAfrica You’ve Got 60 Days to Decide #VoteANC”

“60 DAYS TO ELECTIONS…We ask all eligible voters to #VoteANC on 08 May 2019 #ANCFriday”
@AthiGeleba says, “60 DAYS TO VICTORY! #ANCFRIDAY”

EFF supporters also start their day with #EFFRedFriday.

@Thabang_Ncongwa says, “A clarion call has been made by @EFFSouthAfrica under the capable leadership of CIC @Julius_S_Malema all we do is comply. #EFFRedFriday”

@Khanyile_BG says, “Long live the people’s movement! #EFFRedFriday”

@Urangani2 says, “#EFFRedFriday Every Friday We Wear Red @EFFSouthAfrica”

This shows that the election day is close and people want their parties to win at elections.

This also shows that a citizen’s vote is important.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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