Prisoner Heads A R15 Million Scam In Prison

Prisoner Heads A R15 Million Scam In Prison. The man who is suspected of the act, Hope Aroke, was imprisoned of the act of fraud four years back.

A man who is set into a maximum security prison in Nigeria used a wide array of collaborates to go through with a global scam that produced an estimate of R15 million, according to authorities. The man who is suspected of the act, Hope Aroke, was imprisoned of the act of fraud four years back. According to Nigeria’s economic and financial crimes commission, he was put in a Lagos maximum security prison after he was convicted.

At the time of his imprisonment, he operated with collaborates to commit fraud that was aimed at people in different countries, according to the commission on Tuesday. At the time, Hope Aroke was taken to hospital for an illness that couldn’t be mentioned. However, the official say instead of coming back to prison he was in hotels where he’d meetup with his wife and children, he would also go to social events. They found out that the man had a mobile phone and internet in his hands at the prison.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that the convict, against established standard practice had access to internet and mobile phones in the correctional center where he is supposed to be serving his jail term,” says the Nigeria economic and financial crimes commission. For his transactions, the man used a fake name called Akinwunmi Sorinmade to have two accounts, according to officials. The officials also state that he purchased homes in expensive neighbourhoods and he also bought a numerous luxurious vehicles that were registered in his wife’s name.

The commission says Hope Aroke also had his wife’s bank account number, thereby sending money to it freely. He was apprehended in 2012 for internet fraud after he came back from Malaysia. When he was going through with his fraudulent acts, he told people that he was a computer learner at a varsity in Kuala Lumpur, however, he was the leader of an internet fraud scheme that crosses two continents.

by Alexandra Ramaite