Read WhatsApp Message Sent By Herman Mashaba Alleging Racism In DA

A widely circulating WhatsApp message posted by Hermann Pretorius of DA leader Herman Mashaba complaining about DA Councillor, Tim Trulock alleged dislike for black people has been doing the rounds. The message read;

“Please allow me to caution people like Tim Trullock to stop his open hatred for Black people because it will continue making it difficult for us as a Party to attract them to our Party, especially the Poor ones. His own comments and behavior, as far as I am concerned, are directly contributing to this lack of trust by the Black voters. I am tired of such comments he just made immediately after our teams worked so hard to retain the 3 the Wards, under extreme difficult circumstances. His hatred is not just EFF, but Black people in General, hence he once made statement in Caucus that our Party should focus our efforts on tax paying residents. Tim, please note that our people living and not paying taxes are a results of many years of oppression prior 1994, worsened by ANC failure after 1994. Overall team, excellent performance. Regards Herman”

Seen screenshot of what Herman Mashaba wrote below