Serial rapist to spend 292 years in prison

 Yesterday, the Mtubatuba High Court convicted and sentenced Mhlonipheni Mjadu (25) to a total of 292 years imprisonment on counts 19 counts for crimes he committed as from 2013 to 2016 at Ndaye in Esikhaleni. He was sentenced to seven terms of life imprisonment for seven counts of rape, a total of 75 years imprisonment for five counts of robbery, 30 years imprisonment for six counts of housebreaking and 12 years imprisonment for attempted rape.

Mjadu was accused of terrorising the community of Esikhaleni since 2013. He would forcefully enter the victim’s homes and attack them. He threatened his victims with a firearm before he raped and robbed them. All these cases were reported at Esikhaleni police station and were allocated to the Empangeni Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit for further investigation.

During January 2016, a police constable was allegedly robbed of his firearm at Esikhaleni. He managed to overpower the suspect and arrested him. During the course of the investigation the accused was linked through DNA analysis to 19 other crimes committed at Esikhaleni as from 2013. The arrest brought his crime spree to an end and prevented him from terrorising the Esikhaleni community further.

Following the DNA linkage, the investigating officer charged the accused in all 19 cases and he was eventually found guilty on all 19 counts. SAPS management has applauded the judgement. We are pleased that this serial offender has been removed from society.