She deceived me a lot and cheated on me.

My name is Sixtien(16)
Born n bread at Soshanguve block H
I believe I was clever at school pity I didn’t have clever parents or shud I say father.Or myb he was trying is just he was let down by mother who knows coz that is what I am experiencing with women at my adult age.
After completing my matric I had 2 b a drop out due 2 finances.

I then got employed by a agent who was using us 2 sell duvet sets allover the country 4 the period of more than 2 yrs!My family tot I was doing well coz by then I was a drunkard.
I never left that job coz I cudn’t face the fact of not working in a poor family of 5children.Atleast when I am away I was not near the suffering my family is experiencing even thou I was just going with no pay at the end of the month coz what we sell they deduct the money the gave going 2 seek cliennts.But my family tot I am earning some bucks out there n I am not sharing with them.That is why some of my uncles never took me crs.

I left that job 2 stay at home 4 2yrs without working.Always drunk up until I decided 2 join ZCC!I was cleans n blessed with a job n a beautiful daughter to date.

The mother of my daughter I found her at church under false pretence frm her telling me she stays at Limpopo wich is not true.She was just around the next block of mine at blk K! She deceived me a lot n cheated on me n I didn’t say a thing coz I believed in god that he won’t forsake me. I tried 2 b a man that I can b 4 her n my daughter but it was not enough 4 her n me I believe coz where I am working I am earning less than 4. I’ve 2 spoil her n make a life 2 us.I even bought a car.Up until I wanted space frm her coz I believed she is manipulating me n she is deserving me n playing me 4 a fool!I was busy fixing her mistakes always.

I tot she will grow up when I live her at her own n realise that she is going 2 loose me when continuing doing this.She was busy accusing me of cheating n she wanted me 2 focus on her not 2 have friends or go around let alone reading news on tweet.

Up until she phoned me yesterday the 8/04/2013 to tell me she got herself a boyfriend who is willing 2 marry her with my daughter n everything.I shud’nt worry abt a thing I shud just support my daughter that’s all.

I don’t know!I feel like betrayed or failed in life or weak!

But in god I will survive I believe
I just need 2 b strong n pray as much as possible coz I lost strength n I can’t even pray!

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