South Africa’s Top 5 Most Shocking Church ‘Miracles’

South Africa’s pastors have done the most over the years, from taking selfies in heaven to waking up dead people. Here at the top 5 ‘miracles’ performed by local pastors and prophets that shocked South Africans.

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1.Bushiri husband call

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’smiracle on live TV has divided social media, with some praising him, while some have blasted South Africans for being “gullible”. In a video that circulated on social media, the prophet calls a woman to the front and claims there is trouble in her marriage. The phone rings, but only beeps once after the prophet “demands” that the husband call, much to the congregants’ surprise.

2.Pastor Mboro went to heaven and took pics to prove it

Pastor Mboro spokesperson – Mr Nkuna – told local newspaper, the Katlehong Weekly, that Pastor Mboro was “captured” to heaven during an Easter Sunday service and took pictures on his Galaxy Smartphone and came back down later that same day. He went on to say that the pictures are available for R5,000 and can be sent recipients via WhatsApp.

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3. Pastor Alph Lukau brings a “dead” man back to life during a church service

4. Pastor Sanyangore call to God

Pastor Paul Sanyangore’s video ‘talking’ to God on the phone went viral and caused global uproar 

5.Pastor Penuel Mnguni feeds a members of his church a cockroach

Controversial prophet Penuel Mnguni, notorious for feeding congregants snakes, human hair and pieces of cloth outdid himself again by feeding his congregation cockroach!

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