Teen Goes Blind Because Of Pringles, Fries, Bread And Processed Meat Diet

Teen Goes Blind Because Of Pringle, Fries, Bread And Processed Meat Diet. Pringles, the chips that are fun to eat because of the amazing cylinder container.

Pringles, the chips that are fun to eat because of the amazing cylinder container. In the United Kingdom the slogan of Pringles is “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop.” This is just a fun play on words right? People know when to stop eating junk and then move to home cooked, healthy meals. Well, this one teen failed to stop eating these delicious potato snacks in cylinder tubes along with some fatty foods. Things then went south for the student.

An examination by Annals of Internal Medicine says the teenager went blind because he didn’t want to devour anything except for fries from a store that sells fish and chips, sausage, ham, Pringles and white bread. The teenager went to a doctor when he was 14 because he always felt fatigued, according to CTV News. The doctor realised that was low on vitamins and had macrocytic anemia. The doctor tried helping him with B12 injections. Even though the 19-year-old had the average Body Mass Index, the doc told him to adjust his diet.

He was suggested to eat maybe something that falls under Fruits and Veg. The teenager was not going to listen to the what the doc says. Within three years he started having issues with his hearing, his sight started going bad. He was sent to the Bristol Eye Hospital. A statement from the University of Bristol says he had a low amount B12 vitamin, selenium, copper, “markedly reduced” vitamin D amount and a lack of bone density. The 19-year-old acknowledged that he was only consuming processed meats and starchy carbs for seven years.

The 19-year-old’s mother says, “The first we knew about it was when he began coming home from primary school with his packed lunch untouched. I would make him nice sandwiches-and put an apple or other fruit in- and he wouldn’t eat any of it. His teachers became concerned too. He was skinny so we had no weight concerns. You hear about junk food and obesity all the time-but he was thin as a rake,” says the mother. He got supplementary vitamin treatments that helped some of his color vision but his whole vision won’t heal.

by Alexandra Ramaite