Teen In Trouble After Lying About Being Kidnapped

Teen In Trouble After Lying About Being Kidnapped. She was at a party with her friends and her boyfriend, she was just looking for an excuse to tell her parents and educators.

A teenager has gotten herself into hot waters after she lied to the police about having been abducted. The 18-year-old teenager also lied by saying that he was almost exchanged for sex slavery. The girl supposedly made up the whole story as she was out the whole night.

She was at a party with her friends and her boyfriend, she was just looking for an excuse to tell her parents and educators. In her fake statement, the girl reportedly said that she was kept at a shack in Heinz Park by black men that lived outside South Africa, this supposedly happened on a Sunday evening. She also went on to say that she was going to sold as a sex slave, alongside 10 other girls. Manenberg detective, Sergeant Darryl van Noie was the one who got the 18-year-old girl’s lies.

Colonel Sanele Zama, the acting station commander, says they wasted important resources while trying to examine the case of the 18-year-old. The girl’s parents were the ones that came to the police station with her after the alleged incident happened. “In her statement, she claimed she was walking down Zuurberg Road on Sunday Shortly after 7pm when a man put a cloth on her face and she passed out,” says Colonel Sanele Zama. The girl then supposedly walked in a Shack on Monday morning with her feet and hands tied alongside 10 other girls.

Colonel Sanele Zama says, “She says there was a commotion outside the shack and the men went out and that is when she spoke to the other girls and they said they were being shipped t 3pm to the other countries where they would be sold as sex slaves.” The girl apparently said that she had some money and her cellphone on her person, she then got the chance to escape but she was shocked when she recognised that the shack was in Heinz Park. She thus supposedly ran for her life and went on a taxi that was heading to Vangate Mall.

Her parents were scared that she may have been sexually assaulted, thereby going to the doctor but she was sent to the hospital to go fetch a J88 form. When the Manenberg detective, Sergeant Darrel van Noie questioned her, he found irregularities in her statement. “When Van Noie questioned her, he told her that the story does not make sense and when interrogated, she came out with a story that she was writing an exam on Monday but had gone to a party with a boy and stayed out the whole night and needed something to tell her parents,” Says Colonel Sanele Zama. The 18-year-old was let out with a warning.

by Alexandra Ramaite