The Queen Mzansi Actor Tired Of Media Using LGBTQI+ Community

The Queen Mzansi Actor Tired Of Media Using LGBTQI+ Community! Actor Vuyo Ngcukana, commonly known as Schumacher, lays out his frustrations on people who use the LGBTQI+ community for their own gain. He also goes on to say that they don’t accurately depict what goes on in their lives.

The Schumacher character is a fan favorite. The sexual fluidity of the character has started a lot of arguments on the internet. Vuyo said that as an actor playing this type of character, he wants the conversation to gain more attention.

Vuyo says, “Stop treating people like sub-humans for your own benefit, you use gay slang and their fashion only to discard them after you’ve received your clicks and likes, respect them, respect me and what I portray, I’m tired of being polite and nice about this, stop it!”

The actor said that his ramapage was started by the content he read and views in the media. He said that as a person playing a sexually fluid character like Schumacher, he wanted a well adjusted conversation about the concern of the LGBTQI+ community.

by Alexandra Ramaite