The South African Police Service(SAPS) is proud to announce the recent appointment of senior managers in key positions

The South African Police Service(SAPS) is proud to announce the recent appointment of senior managers in key positions

PRETORIA – The South African Police Service(SAPS) is proud to announce the recent appointment of senior managers in key positions as well as the promotion and re-grading of posts of more than 20 000 members that were effected during the 2019/2020 Financial Year.

The implementation of various human resource processes within the Service is part of the organization’s Human Capital Investment Strategy, which aims to boost the morale and well-being of members.

Since 1 April 2019 to date, a total of 21 367 South African Police Service (SAPS) Act and Public Service Act (PSA) employees including senior managers have benefitted from these processes.

The appointment of senior managers to key positions in the Service is part of the organizations plans to increase capacity, enhance accountability and bring about stability within the respective Provinces and Divisions.



Lieutenant General Lineo Ntshiea has been appointed as the Divisional Commissioner for Human Resources Management (HRM) following the amalgamation of two divisions in the Service, namely, Human Resource Utilization (HRU) and Personnel Management. This in a bid to downscale the number of positions in top management at the same time, transferring resources and skills to grass roots level.   The officer retains her rank as a Lieutenant General, a rank she has held since her appointment as the Divisional Commissioner for Personnel Management since 2015. The 46- year-old officer has served the Service for 19-years, having joined the Service in 2001 as a Senior Superintendent (now Colonel) . She holds a Secondary Teacher’s Diploma, a BA Degree and an Advanced Diploma in Public Administration.



Major General Michael Motlhala has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.  The 52-year-old officer joined the service in 1988 as a student constable at Sebokeng Police Station and worked his way up through the ranks to the level of Major General in 2010. He has 32-years’ service in the Service and has been serving as the Component Head: Rapid Rail and Police Emergency Services in the Division: Visible Policing before his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant General. He holds a National Diploma in Police Administration, a National Diploma in Policing and a B-tech Diploma in Policing.



Major General Johannes Riet has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General. He joined the Service in 1986 and has 33 years’ service. He began his career as a student constable in the Service and rose up the ranks to the rank of Major General in 2008 where he served as Deputy Provincial Commissioner, Corporate Services and thereafter as Deputy Provincial Commissioner, Asset Management from 2011 to February 2020.  As of 01 February 2020, he had been serving as the Acting Divisional Commissioner: Supply Chain Management.  He holds a National Diploma in Police Administration, B.Proc (Law degree), a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws.

SAPS Management is confident that all three of the above appointments will enhance accountability and service delivery to the South African Police Service and the people of South Africa.



In an effort to address a backlog in promotions and re-grading of posts, SAPS Management is also pleased to announce that 21 364 employees have benefitted from this process in the 2019/2020 Financial Year.

In the last financial year (2018/2019), a total of 32 000 employees also benefitted. This brings the total number of employees who were advanced in their careers in a period of two years, to 53 364.

Not only promotions in the form of grade progressions were implemented, but also the re-grading of the entry level of transverse and non-transverse Public Service Act were implemented.

843 Employees attached to the 10111 Call Centres as Call Centre Operators have also been translated to SAPS Act, 1995.

These processes were achieved through extensive negotiations with the organisation’s social partners:  The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) and the South African Policing Union (SAPU).The overall exercise which has been outlined hereunder, seeks to ensure that the morale of the men and women in blue is promoted to ensure that they continue to serve and protect the people of South Africa.

The breakdown of the process concluded in the 2019/2020 Financial Year is as follows:


Grade Progression:

Police Service Act members were grade progressed with effect from 1 December 2019 as follows:

Constable to Sergeant – 16343

Sergeant to Warrant Officer – 887

A total of 110 Public Service Act Employees were also grade progressed.


Post Promotions:

The following number of employees were promoted during three phases of post promotions:

Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel – 236

Captain to Lieutenant Colonel – 565

Warrant Officer to Captain – 1133

Sergeant to Warrant Officer 589

Constable to Sergeant – 63

Public Service Act to level 7 – 235


Re-grading of transverse (occupation utilized by various Public Service Departments) and non- transverse (occupations unique to the SAPS) public service act posts:

The following number of employee’s positions were graded to a higher salary level with effect from 1 November 2019 (these employees inter alia include Messengers; Tradesmen Aids; Food Services Aids and Supervisors; Cooks; Forensic Registry Workers; Farriers; and Groomers of Dogs and Horses):

To level 2 – 80 employees

To level 3 – 50 employees

To level 4 – 36 employees

To level 5 – 194 employees

Translation of 10111 call centre operators to SAPS Act, 1995:


A total of 843 employees were translated and appointed in terms of the SAPS Act, 1995.

“As a Service we are proud with the inroads that have been achieved in finalising the backlog. It would have been ideal to promote all the members at one go, but due to financial implications, the process has been broken down in a multi-year cycle for completion, and we are hoping to finalise this process in due course. Our overall goal is to ensure that we address inequalities within the Service with a view of sustaining a motivated workforce. We take this opportunity to commend all our members for their commitment and dedication in the fight against crime amid the current pandemic”, concluded General Khehla Sitole, the National Commissioner of the SAPS.