Thembisile Mdoda Support’s Gugu Ncube’s Protest

Actress Thembisa Mdoda has said her piece on the arrest of the alleged rape victim Gugu Ncube, claiming that many females like Ncube were suffering in silence.

Gugu trended on social media yesterday when the female was arrested for staging a nude protest at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, where she was charged with public indecency.

A placard held by Dudu says, “I am a victim of sexual harassment at UNISA…They chased me away from work because I refused to sleep with my manager.”

UNISA released a statement saying that they have noticed the intention of Gugu Ncube to stage a one woman protest at the Union Buildings.

As a video of Gugu Ncube being removed from the Union Buildings went viral, Thembisa has joined the lot of social media voices that slammed the arrest.

“What happened/is happening to Gugu Ncube is despicable. The saddest part is that there are many women, like her, suffering in silence. Bafazi, sithwele nzima!!!”

Celebs such as DJ Zan D were also hurt by the arrest and let their feelings out on Twitter.

Gugu Ncube was due in court today at 8h30.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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