Tjo!! Dali Mpofu Gets Roasted For Being Mama Winnie’s ‘Ben 10’

Dali Mpofu’s heartfelt message about Winnie Mandela’s death and the ANC’s failure to value her fell on deaf ears after social media opted to focus on their alleged relationship by calling him Mama Winnie’s Ben10. Dali and Winnie Mandela’s alleged relationship was revealed by a letter, dated 17 March and signed ‘It’s me’, which revealed Winnie Mandela’s relationship with Dali Mpofu – who at 30 is about half her age – helped wreck her marriage to Nelson Mandela.

The post

Concerned citizen or ex lover?

Slept with your mother


Called her mama

Sugar mama

Shameless nyatsi

Chowed her

Failed her marriage

Lost her husband


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