Tombstone Found In KZN Classroom

Tombstone Found In KZN Classroom. The back to school season has been a good one for a lot of students.

The back to school season has been a good one for a lot of students. However, for some students it was weird or awkward. Students from Mthwane Senior Secondary School at Umzimkhulu in KwaZulu-Natal are some of the students that had a weird day back to school. The students went on to find a tomstone in a classroom.

It is reported that the school was constructed on top of a farm in 1996 when the person who owns the farm left it. Therefore, the representatives of the community each brought in R250 to build class rooms because there was no high school near the area. Once more people started living at the place, the Department of Education started helping and brought in more educators. The school currently has 400 learners and 10 classes, there are also three other tombs on the premises excluding the current one.

One woman told IOL news that it was her grandfather who was buried in the classroom. She states that the department was informed about the grave when the school was built. “That’s my grandfather in that grave. He is buried on his farm where my grandmother as well as their child are also buried. The fact that there other graves at the school is a clear indication that the land was used as a burial site,” says the woman. She states that her grandfather made her a beneficiary according to his will, she also states that her family has been waiting for the department to let them do the ceremony.

The woman states that she’ll take the legal route if the tombstone were removed. Sihle Mlotshwa, the Department of Education spokesperson, says they knew about the issue at the school but they were not given proof that the land where the school was constructed was owned by the family. She states that they will be giving mobile classrooms at the moment while they try to solve the issue with stakeholders and the woman.

by Alexandra Ramaite