Top 5 South African Desserts

Top 5 South African Desserts. We South Africans have our own sweet tooth.

We South Africans have our own sweet tooth. Not as sweet as other people but we also love sweet things. We like putting sugar on most of our food such as veggies (pumpkin). There are not much desserts made by black people that people know of but most of our favourite desserts in our household have ben derived from the Afriaans culture. These are the top 5 desserts:

Milk Tart

This is one of South Africa’s most loved desserts. It’s an Afrikaans dessert derived from the name “Melk Tert.” The milk tart is a dessert which a sweet soft and soft crust. The custard filling is made with eggs, milk, sugar and flour. The custard can be baked with the crust or made on its own, depending on the baker. The cinnamon is mixed with milk and poured into the rest of the tart or the cinnamon can be sprinkled on top of the whole tart. This amazing dessert can be used for any occasion, especially for an amazing tea day. It also has a special day given to it on the 27th of February.


This South African dessert is similar to the malva pudding based on the feel but the taste is pretty different. Whereas the malva pudding would have a sweet syrup, the asynpoeding syrup is mixed with vinegar. The vinegar is used to dumb down the sweetness of the pudding. The asynpoeding is also an Afrikaans dessert.


This South African dessert is one uncommon dessert. You might sometimes see someone at home making it out of nowhere. The dessert just needs a few items that you may have in your cup board, such as milk, flour and cinnamon. The flour is cooked in a pot of milk until it is thick. Then after it’s done its put in a bowel, cinnamon is then sprinkled on top. It is not really known where the dessert originally came from in South Africa.


This is South African dessert can be compared to the commercial yoghurt. The dessert is derived from Nguni people, Sotho and Tswana people. The drink is non-alcoholic and made from from fermented maize meal. The maize meal is fermented in a warm place for a while. The dessert also has a bunch of health advantages for people.


Koeksister are made from roughly braided fried dough. The fried dough is then doused into sweet syrup. The koeksister has a crunchy outside and a soft inside. This South African dessert is believed to have been derived as an alternative to doughnuts. This dessert is an Afrikaaner dessert but the exact origins are not known.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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