Tweeps Are Commending ‘Village Girls’ Zozo For Marrying Rich

Tweeps Are Commending ‘Village Girls’ Zozo For Marrying Rich. In yesterday’s (Tuesday) episode of Moja Love’s ‘Village Girls’ the sisters went on a bit of a tour around Kenya.

In yesterday’s (Tuesday) episode of Moja Love’s ‘Village Girls’ the sisters went on a bit of a tour around Kenya. Zozo says her husband promised her when she was pregnant that he would take of their daughter. She went on to say that she only bathed their daughter approximately two times and the rest of the time her husband bathes the daughter.

She also went on to say that he took her off her when she was ill for four months, when they were still boyfriend and girlfriend, and the husband almost got fired from his occupation. Zozo says that once she wants to quit she remembers her husband’s journey to get to where he is. The sisters stopped by a shop next to an attraction site for souvenirs; they bought their mother a gift.

They were complaining about how expensive the shop’s items were. Dineo says this showed her that she has a cheapskate side to her. Tebatso says she wishes the South African people were as kind to tourists as the Kenyan people. She says the Kenyan people know that tourists bring in money to the country. The sisters then headed to Masai Mara were they welcomed by Masai warrriors. They went to go see the seven wonders of the world.

Dineo was more interested in seeing the wildebeest migration. The first time the sisters saw the migration they realised that their tour guide was tricking them. Honey also thought that he was exaggerating most of his stories, she also believed that he was a fake Masai. The man then drove them further to the migration that Dineo was expecting to see, which made her happy. Zozo was said that her sisters were about to leave her and go back to South Africa, she says she has no friends in Kenya.

Some of the tweeps were focused on the riches that Zozo and her husband have. One tweep says, “The husband is rich rich…” One tweep says, “zozo done secure the bag with this man…” One tweep says, “Zozo is monied…A Rich rich husband, small beautiful family & tight bond with her Sisters. What a blessing…” One tweep also included that she also works for herself. The tweep says, “Plus her own money from her businesses. Girl was also doing well before the husband hey then went to score a rich-rich.”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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