Tweeps Are Divided Over Wimpy Food

Tweeps Are Divided Over Wimpy Food. Whatever reason that made you love the restaurant, you’ll stand up for them.

We all have our favourite fast food restaurant. The restaurant that gives you heart-warming food. The restaurant maybe has the best drinks, burgers, meat or chips. Whatever reason that made you love the restaurant, you’ll stand up for them. Tweeps were divided over one restaurant that some people love and some people don’t really like.

Wimpy made rounds on Twitter due to a game where people had to remove one fast food restaurant that they don’t like. The game was created by one tweep with the handle name @Tlotlo_Magosi. Tweeps had different views when it came to Wimpy. Some tweeps were against Wimpy. One tweep says Wimpy was nice till they made changes to their prices and food. One tweep says, “Wimpy was a great family spot until they raised prices with reduced portions.”

One tweep says Wimpy is for people who don’t have the ability to cook. The tweep says, “Wimpy is for people who can’t cook. They make the same food you cn make in your house in 2 min at 110 times the cost.” One tweep says in this day and age nobody eats Wimpy. The tweep says, “Mxm yall need to stop playing games…who eats wimpy in 2019 whaaaatttt…”

Other tweeps were standing for Wimpy. The tweeps didn’t like what the other tweeps were saying about Wimpy. Some tweeps were standing up for the Wimpy milkshakes. One tweep says, “Like I’m so offended by all this Wimpy slander. The milkshakes? They slap. The ice-cream? It slaps. The BURGERS? They go hard.”

One tweep says, “Wimpy got the best Milkshakes though. One tweep says, “Wimpy Fries, any day all day, they are the best, go argue with your friends.” One tweep doesn’t understand why children from the 90s are slamming Wimpy. The tweep says, “90’s kids bashing Wimpy has to be the biggest betrayal…I can’t with y’all.”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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