Tweeps Layout Their Frustrations #IDontMeanToBeRudeBut

Tweeps Layout Their Frustrations #IDontMeanToBeRudeBut. Sometimes people need to layout their frustrations in a very respectful way.

Sometimes people need to layout their frustrations in a very respectful way. They need to tell others what they really dislike. They say it in a very respectful way though. However, some people may come out as being rude to others when they layout their frustrations.

Tweeps let out their frustrations in a “respectful” way. The tweeps used the hashtag #ImNotTryingToBeRudeBut. One tweep says he doesn’t work for him and his partner. The tweep says, “I don’t go to work for us, I’m looking out for me…so stop calling me stingy…We don’t share my salary. No calls tomorrow!” One tweep says, If you going to call someone who might not have your number, text them in advance telling them what the call is about.”

Some soccer tweeps are set on Bafana Bafana losing today’s game. One tweep says, “Bafana Bafana isn’t gonna win today.” One tweep says if Banyana Banyana and the Proteas lost then Bafana Bafana is also going to lose. The tweep says, “If SA Cricket did it and Banyana Bayana did It, It means Bafana Bafana will do it.” One tweep complained about the weather. The tweep says, this winter I’m not attending any funerals I’d rather send a video of me crying. It’s cold guys.”

One tweeps message was directed to people who visit unannounced. The tweep says, “please don’t visit me after 18:00 unannounced we already counted the meat and obviously didn’t count you, whose piece are you expecting to get?” One tweep remembers the days when Carvella and gold teeth were fashionable. The tweep says, “Raise Your Hand If You Survived The Carvela an Gold Tooth Peer Pressure.”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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