Tweeps React To Eswatini King’s Alleged Law Of Having 2 Or More Wives

Tweeps React To Eswatini king’s Alleged Law Of Having 2 Or More Wives. The king realised that there are more women as compared to men in Eswatini.

The king of Eswatini, King Mswati III, has allegedly said that men will have to marry two or more women from June 2019. He supposedly set this law in Mbabane. He supposedly said the penalty of men who won’t marry two or more women is jail.

The king allegedly realised that there are more women as compared to men in Eswatini. This is considered as a huge issue for the country, which is largely known for having pure girls. Men are reportedly expected to take more wives in order for every lady to get a husband.

The government says it will pay for the wedding proceedings and also buy the homes that the married couples will live in. The king reportedly said that any gender that is against the law will be liable to a life sentence. It has recently been reported that the news are fake. King Mswati III has not laid a law of men marrying 2 or more women.

However, some tweeps told people on twitter what would happen if it was true. Some of the guy tweeps were really happy about this. Some of them going already making plans of going to Eswatini.

One tweep says South African men will tell people that they heard that Eswatini airtime is cheaper. The tweep says, “South African men: just quickly going to by airtime in #Swaziland I heard it’s cheaper.” One tweep asked about the needs of getting citizenship in Eswatini, he was asking for a “friend.”

The tweep says, “What are the pre-requisite for on to obtain citizenship in Swaziland? Asking for a friend #Swaziland.” One tweep said that he was at the border at about 6:30am and he was waiting for them to open the border gates at 7:00am. The tweep said: “I’m already at the border of Swaziland waiting for them to open at 7 so I can go live my dreams in peace.” The king has 15 wives and 25 children; his father has more than 70 wives and more than 150 children.

These are the tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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