Tweeps Speak About Twitter Culture #ItsTwitterCultureTo

Tweeps Speak About Twitter Culture #ItsTwitterCultureTo. People on Twitter have their own ways of doing things.

People on Twitter have their own ways of doing things. Sometimes the way of doing things ends up spreading which makes it a norm on the social media platform; people call it the Twitter culture. Tweeps went on to say what the culture on Twitter is.

The tweeps used the hashtag #ItsTwitterCultureTo. One tweep says it’s the culture to flirt with people on one’s Tweet List. The tweep says, “#ItsTwitterCultureTo flirt with everyone on the TL even if you’re taken.” One tweep says, “#ItsTwitterCultureTo have more than one crush.” One tweep says venting on the famous “O jewa keng” post is a thing. The tweep says, “#ItsTwitterCultureTo Vent on “O jewa keng” thread.” One tweep says talking to people that you’ve never meet before on Twitter is normal on the social media platform.

The tweep says, “#ItsTwitterCultureTo have a gang of people on Twitter you talk to like your best friends but you’ve never met in person.” One tweep used the hashtag to clap at Babes Wodumo. The tweep says, “ItsTwitterCultureTo Have Celebrities say something crazy…and then claim they were hacked.” One tweep says, “#ItsTwitterCultureTo Start twars with people then block them when the clapback lands you in ICU.” Gigi Lamayne also went on to the hashtag to say that people bash others because of insecurities. “#ItsTwitterCultureTo bash people because of our own insecurities.

The Tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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