Tweeps Speculate On Somizi and TT Mbha’s Past Relationsip

Tweeps Speculate On Somizi and TT Mbha’s Past Relationsip. Season 4 of the fan favourite reality show ‘Living The Dream With Somizi’ is back on Mzansi Magic.

Season 4 of the fan favourite reality show ‘Living The Dream With Somizi’ is back on Mzansi Magic. Somizi and Mohale have settled into their life as an engaged couple. The couple hasn’t done much preparation for their wedding but they have already decided to have two wedding, even though people had speculations of more than two weddings. The traditional will be at Mohale’s home and the white wedding will be at Somizi’s home. They were supposed to have the traditional wedding in March.

Somgaga met up with his bestfriend, TT Mbha, to talk about the wedding. TT wanted to know if he was part of the groomsmen or not. He says his used to being ditched by Somizi. He was hurt because he wasn’t included in the previous season of the show. He compared his exit to fart. He also wanted to know if they were getting a lobola and Somizi says they are not going through that process.

He made fun of Somizi saying that the only difference between the both of them is because Mohale is handsome and Somizi’s not that good looking. In a restaurant, Somizi meets a woman called Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi, a traditional healer. He calls her a slay-ngoma because of the way she styles herself by wearing high-end clothing such Gucci and Burberry. He says that’s why she’s friends with Boity and Masechaba Lekalake.

He brought her to the restaurant to ask her about his daughter, telling her that his daughter is not a virgin. The gogo tells him that the essence of womanhood is celebrating his daughter’s coming of age without having a child. Somizi disagrees with the traditional healer, he says these things have been adjusted for people who have engaged in sexual intercourse but don’t have any children. He says originally the ceremony celebrates those that have not engaged in sexual intercourse. Somizi disagreed with the traditional healer. He also He then went to meet the mother of his daughter, Palesa Madisakwane, to talk about their daughter’s life choices.

The part that caught the attention of most tweeps was when Mohale and Somizi were talking about their wedding, TT Mbha was mentioned in their conversation about Somizi’s best man because said he wants an ex of his to be his best man. One tweep says, “I didn’t know TT was gay. I thought he was Somizi’s manager…” One tweep says, “Wait…TT is Somizi’s Ex!?? No one told me…” One tweep says, “So we’re just going to pretend that Mohale said TT is Somizi’s ex.” One tweep says, “Why is everyone saying TT is Somizi’s ex…I thought Mohale said ‘why not TT’…”

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by Alexandra Ramaite