Two Police Officers arrested over corruption

The Acting Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi has commended Westville police for arresting two of their own police officers for alleged corruption. The two Westville police officers who are aged 31 and 42 are due to appear at the Pinetown Magistrates Court today facing chargesd of on bribery and corruption. They were arrested yesterday morning while they were on duty.

Yesterday at 09:00, the two police officers were working along Essex Terrace in Westville when they allegedly pulled over a truck transporting passengers. The truck was searched and the policemen found that the disc was expired and that the passengers were foreign nationals. The Sergeant and Constable allegedly demanded cash from the driver instead of dealing with the transgressions. The truck driver contacted his employer asking him to deposit the cash by e-wallet. The police officers then drove to a local mall with the truck driver to withdraw the money.

The quick thinking employer immediately alerted police officers at the Westville police station of the corrupt activities. Police officers from Westville SAPS immediately responded to the report and apprehended the members at the mall as they attempted to withdraw the cash. They were arrested and charged for bribery and corruption.  Their firearms were immediately removed from their possession for safekeeping and they were detained in the cells at the Westville police station.

“I wish to convey my thanks and appreciation to the owner of the truck who must be applauded for not succumbing to the urge to escape accountability by paying a bribe. We need more honest citizens such as him that are willing to work with authorities to get rid of corrupt government employees. We as the police detest corruption and we will not hesitate even for a second to arrest our own that are accused of corruption. Those who do not act against corruption when it is brought to their attention will also face the full might of the law. We certainly do not need such individuals within the ranks of the SAPS. I also commend those upright police officers that responded to the report of corruption and acted decisively in this case,” said Lieutenant General Mkhwanazi.