Watch! Act Of Kindness Gets Man Help From Former Colleagues

Watch! Act Of Kindness Gets Man Help From Former Colleagues. Mpathi Rooiland came to Johannesburg looking for a job.

Mpathi Rooiland came to Johannesburg looking for a job. However, after being in Gauteng for some time he reached the pits, thus deciding to go back to the Eastern Cape. He was planning on walking back home and asking for lifts, from Gauteng to the Eastern Cape.

The previous flight crew member had lost hope in looking for a job and trying to get his life back on track. Depression had him lose his family and his job. He wanted to go back to Eastern Cape so that he could give some thought about what to do with his life as he progresses. After Bi Phakathi stopped on the side of the road and spoke to him, his life began to turn for the best. After the life coach spoke to the 49-year-old previous flight attendant the former workmates and other people got touched.

The good Samaritan gave Mpathi Rooiland some money to get back home and bought lunch for him. Tania Reid, one of Rooiland’s former workmates, says a group was started to assist Mpathi Rooliand. The former workmate says they were all tagged in the post. Tania Reid says, “We were all tagged in the Facebook post and have banded together to help Mphathi get back on his feet. We worked with him and knew him very well. It was heartbreaking to see him like that. Some have bought him clothing, a bank account was opened for him and one of the women has arranged for him to undergo counselling.”

She says that she gave Roland an occupation at her corporate gift organisation in Johannesburg. She states that he would come back to Johannesburg so that he could work for her. The man was emotional after his former workmate came to his assist. He says that he resigned from his work and lost his family because of critical depression. It was hard for him to find work after. “I saw Bi drive past and realised he had stopped his car at the side of the road. He came up to me and we chatted. He then got me some food and gave me some cash. This act really restored my faith in humanity. I realised there were still good people in the world,” says Mphathi Rooiland.

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by Alexandra Ramaite

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