Watch! Couple Gets Married Through Online Streaming

Watch! Couple Gets Married Through Online Streaming. Turning something negative into something positive is the best thing one can do.

Turning something negative into something positive is the best thing one can do. When people plan on getting married they want to have the best wedding of their lives, with beautiful attire and décor, maybe at a nice location too. Nashkin and Penny Choi from Australia were planning on getting wedded on March.

Their wedding was set to cost about R550 000, it was a huge wedding. However, the lovers had to cancel their wedding day because of the social distancing rule. Due to the number of people allowed at social events gradually changing overtime, the couple thought they could not keep on changing what they had planned. They also have a baby on the way in a few months, so they wanted to have the same surname for all the family members. The couple thus chose to get married online at their home, with their guests watching through Facebook live stream. They had two witnesses and a person who would legally marry them off.

They did many of the traditional things that are done at a wedding such as makeup, cake cutting and the first dance. “Our original wedding plan was to get married at our chosen venue, we were having his family fly in from Korea for two weeks, and my family fly or drive from different parts of Australia,” says Penny Choi. The bride’s brother and mother were the witnesses at the wedding as the guests watched through the livestream. The couple has now changed the date of their physical wedding to their anniversary in 2021.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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