Watch: People’s Hilarious Reactions To Pranks

Watch: People’s Hilarious Reactions To Pranks. We all have something that scares us.

We all have something that scares us. The reaction is what people want from us. For some of us, the way someone reacts when they are scared makes us laugh out loud. A compilation video of pranks has been making rounds on social media and it has social media users in stitches.

The first two parts of the video show people reacting when tables are banged and it sounds like a gun shot. The man in the second part ended up cussing. In the third part of the video, a man was scared by a person that was in the kitchen cupboard. In the third part, YouTube prankers scared people by telling them that there’s a tokoloshe (a manlike animal of short stature) nearby.

The prankers then chased people with a wig, acting as if they are also running away from it. The YouTube prankers also continue in other separate parts of the video. In one of the other videos, a man tripped when he tried running away.

The fourth part of the video compilation was not a prank, it was a just a person who mistakenly hit the door. The man was trying to walk into his house but he didn’t see that the sliding door was closed. In the fifth part, two men that seemed to be in a rural area tried running away from what seemed to be a wild animal, which ended in one of them tripping. In the sixth part, a petrol station attendant was opening the bonnet of a car. He was frightened by what he saw.

In the seventh and eighth parts of the video compilation, two people that were asleep in a car were pranked by the drivers. In the seventh part the person that was sleeping was made to think that they were crashing. In the eighth part, the person sleeping had a hilarious reaction to being woken up. In part nine, the man was thrown with something that looked like a snake, he hilariously ran away.

In the tenth part, a man was scared with a mask. The man screamed in a squeaky voice while also beating the man in the mask with a cloth. In the thirteenth part of the video, a man was scared in to thinking that he was about to be assassinated. He kept asking what he did. In the last part, people were pranked with what was supposedly a toy mummy in a mall.

Social media loved the comedy that was in the videos. One social media user laughed at the woman that was in the last video. One user says, “It’s funny keep doing.” Another social media user laughed at how the tokoloshi looked.

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by Alexandra Ramaite

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