Watch! Some of The Craziest Smash & Grabs In SA

Watch! Some of The Craziest Smash & Grabs In SA. Some of the crimes that occur are in broad daylight.

Crime is a huge phenomenon in South Africa. That’s why crime stats are always on a high in South Africa. The most prevalent crime in this South Africa of ours is theft and robbery. A video compilation was posted on Facebook showing the different crimes that happen in South Africa.

Some of the crimes that occur are in broad daylight. The first video of the compilation shows a criminal running away from a house and then being followed by a white lady. In the second video, a person who was driving a Porsche vehicle was being hijacked in broad daylight at a petrol station. The person was hijacked by masked men.

In the third video, the hijacker struggled with the passenger before they smashed the windows of the car. In the fourth video, four men are seen lying down and the men are also surrounded by the police. In the fifth video, the South African army is seen being fully armed and heading for a Cash Crusaders shop.

In the sixth video, the driver of a vehicle is forced to open the door of a vehicle on a busy road. The driver was threatened by armed men. The seventh video shows a masked man taking something out of a VW vehicle while the driver is in the vehicle. The guy then got onto a getaway vehicle. In the eighth video a guy with a denim jacket and a bald head tells a Nissan driver to get out of the car, he flees in the car. The Nissan driver could not run away because he was blocked by the man’s friend.

In video number nine, a guy is seen trying to open a Datsun vehicle. The person was trying to hide himself with a getaway Nissan vehicle. The tenth video shows people that were stopped by the police on a road that wasn’t busy. Video number eleven and twelve show other cars being crashed into purposively. Video number twelve shows a man being robbed after getting his car washed at a petrol station. The man’s car was taken.

The thirteenth video shows a three males walking past a bakkie. One male in a yellow shirt stops by the bakkie, he seems to have a short conversation with the driver. The male then breaks the glass; he then forcefully takes something from inside the vehicle.

In the following video, a person just takes something from an open Renault vehicle. In video fifteen, a group of men rob a petrol station. In the last video, security services were chasing a white VW Polo. The vehicle ended up running into oncoming traffic. However, these serious crimes have decreased by 6.6% from 2017 till 2018.

Video in link below:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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