Woman Dumps IT Job For Chickens

Woman Dumps IT Job For Chickens. A 28-year-old dreamer in Butterworth decided to leave her employment to start her own business.

A 28-year-old dreamer in Butterworth decided to leave her employment to start her own business. Nezisa Sogoni left her employment in Information Technology to create her own chicken farm. The woman doesn’t regret having quit her employment because she has received two times the amount that she has received from her salary.

Nezisa’s parents were unlike any other parents even though they were sceptical when she left the job at first, then they supportd her decision. Nezisa Sogoni says, “It was different for me, my family was very supportive, they were sceptical at first but they emphasised that it is best to try something than regret never having tried.” The business owner says that she had always had a vision of owning a chicken farm. She went ahead with it even though she was busy with a career in IT, with an IT qualification that she got from the London School. She was employed by a network company as a business account consultant. She began by selling ten chickens by her backyard in June 2018 and in December she thus had over 100 chickens.

“By Secember, I had more than one hundred chickens. We produce 500 eggs a month and between 200 and 500 chickens. Each egg is sold for R1, 50 and chicken are sold for R100,” says the 28-year-old. She also says that when she was starting she got scammed of R7000. Nezisa Sogono says, “I saw this other website that promised to help launch aspiring chicken farmers and everything about it seemed legit, until I paid them R7000. After that the company stopped taking my calls and the website was suddenly no longer operational. I had ordered and paid for chickens, chicken feed and chicken equipment but all that money was gone.” She was also robbed off R4000 at one time. When she feels like quitting she remembers her dream of owning a farm.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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