Woman Went From Being A Cashier To Owning A Petrol Station

Woman Went From Being A Cashier To Owning A Petrol Station. A woman by the name of Khumbu Shelembe went through a bomb road in her life.

A woman by the name of Khumbu Shelembe made a huge stride in her life. The lady started by being a cashier at Caltex in Durban in 2007. Six months later, the later got promoted to being a bookkeeper and in supply chain.

In 2017, something massive happened for her. The owner of the Caltex Mobeni petrol station gave the chance to buy 30% of the share in the organisation. Later on in 2017, the woman was given the chance to have full ownership of the organisation. After she had an interview with Astron Energy, she was given funding so that she could take full ownership of the organisation. The woman says that she never thought she would get here. “It’s like living a dream. When I think of the way I grew up, I never thought that one day I would be blessed like this,” says Khumbu Sheleme.

The lady is employing 13 people at her petrol station. She says that she’s concentrated on broadening, assistance and boosting great customer service. “We motivate each other and share ideas. I also offer incentives for top performing Customer Service Attendants, based on their sales and customer service,” says the petrol station owner. She also ensures that the people that work for her balance work and life, by ensuring that they spend adequate time with their family members. The lady is committed to growing even more, ensuring that Africa is proud of her.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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